Alana Lowes

Alana is living a love affair with all things fashionable and food.  She first came to the attention of Australian audiences through her 3rd place finalist finish on MasterChef Australia 2011.  Since then, she has enjoyed exploring flavour’s, creating recipes, cooking and sharing these experiences as a contributor to a number of Australia’s leading food and lifestyle publications and websites.

Q) Favourite holiday destination and why? I can never pick just one as I love all the places I have travelled to for difference reasons!  For food: Turkey, Vietnam, France, Australia. For adventure: New Zealand, Malaysia.  For R & R: Byron Bay Hinterland/Sunshine Coast Hinterland.



Scott McRae

Scott McRae has been in this crazy business that is the entertainment industry for over 22 years. His relaxed and honest approach to presenting has endeared him to viewers of many shows including Postcards and Destinations, A Taste of Travel will be no different.

Q) If you were stranded on a desert island who would you take, and what food would you pack? My girl, my mate Marc who is an excellent spearfisher and can catch me fish and lobster all day, his girl I guess so he doesn’t get lonely and some garlic chilli and ginger to mix up the lobster dishes…..a cool beverage wouldn’t go astray either!



David Reyne

David Reyne has graced Australian television screens for three decades, constantly building on an impressive body of work as a host, reporter, actor, writer, producer and musician. Previously hosting many TV series, including Getaway, David brings a wealth of experience in travel and TV and is a wonderful addition to the A Taste of Travel team.