Series 5

Episode 1


Episode 1 Segment 1

Scott goes all Top Gun when he takes to the skies in a L39 Albatross with 3800 lbs of thrust while in Armidale.

Episode 1 Segment 2

Scotty and Lynette hit the road on a WAYWARD TRAIL and indulge in delectable food, wine and cheese trail that will have your taste buds watering.

Episode 1 Segment 3

First up Scotty tries to strike it rich at Billabong Saphire Park and then we take a good look at all that is on offer at Petersens Guest House, from the majestic historic homestead to the delicious culinary delights and the enchanting gardens.

Episode 1 Segment 4

Scott pops up to Celtic country in Glen Innes to check out the impressive Standing Stones, while Lynette gets her cowgirl on at Harlow Park horse riding ranch in Uralla.