Series 5

Episode 4

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Episode 4 Segment 1

Scott gets out on the Maui waters with a snorkelling adventure around the reefs of Kaanapali and discovers some excellent sea-life, and is treated to a surprise visit from some extra-large but friendly travellers.

Episode 4 Segment 2

Scott visits the historic port town of Lahaina which not only has a very interesting history but is full of colour, characters and much more. He then takes you on a night out that will have your hips shaking and your taste buds salivating, when he checks out the Old Lahaina Luau!

Episode 4 Segment 3

Scott heads to the Maui mountains and a visit to O’o Farms where he engages in the real deal when it comes to paddock to plate. After a little effort around the farm everyone is treated to a delicious banquet that is as fresh as you can get!

Episode 4 Segment 4

One of the most adventurous and scenic road journeys is the road to Hana and Scott takes on the changing weather and some tight squeezes with some fantastic visual rewards.

Then we get the adrenaline pumping with a visit to the U.S.A’s first and still one of the best Zipline parks going.