Series 5

Episode 5

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Episode 5 Segment 1

Scott gets amongst the brilliance that is Yarrangobilly caves and the majestic natural beauty of not only the caves themselves but also the surrounding National park and the inviting Thermal Pools.

Episode 5 Segment 2

Scott and Lynette uncover all that is on offer at the brilliant Novotel Lake Crackenback. Arguably the ultimate accommodation destination in the Snowy’s region and definitely a perfect fit for a family adventure at any time of the year.

Episode 5 Segment 3

Scott takes you on a mountain biking adventure in the wonderful Mt Kosciusko national park, with the gang form Activate. The Cascade trail is a beauty. We also visit the gang at Wild Brumby Distillery and discover it has a lot more on offer than just delicious Snaps. We then take you to the top of Australia with a bike and a hike to the top of Mt  Kosciusko.

Episode 5 Segment 4

Alpine River Adventures take us on an exhilarating and totally engaging white water exploration of the magnificent Snowy River. This part of New South Wales is basically an untouched wilderness and with our guide Richard Swain’s local knowledge we are totally mesmerized by the region.