Series 5

Episode 6

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Episode 6 Segment 1

Scott and Lynette check out the beach at Waikiki with a little Outrigger action, then Lynette takes on yet another challenge when she gets her Gidget on, and learns to surf the beautiful Waikiki waves.

Episode 6 Segment 2

Lynette and Scotty go in search of outdoor activities as the weather turns a little ordinary and come up with some good choices. A Ukulele lesson is all fun and games, then Lynette goes on a shopping spree while Scott looks for an escape. Finally a tasting at one of Waikiki’s hot spots at Mahina and Suns!

Episode 6 Segment 3

The team hit the road and head North to check out the wonderful Waimea Valley and get a great cultural lesson while experiencing the beautiful sights as well. Then they head skyward with the gang from Paradise Helicopters in a Magnum PI chopper ride that is just spectacular….some awesome sights and some magic piloting!

Episode 6 Segment 4

We drop in for a taste of the North Shores food trucks and the world famous Matsomoto’s shaved ice treats and then we are lucky enough to get a personal tour around the magical Kualoa Ranch, which has more surprises and scenic brilliance that it’s hard to take it all in…oh and we get to call action on some of Hollywood’s blockbuster movies too.